What is Three Alpha?

3a is a weekly newsletter about recent astronomy news and research. Each week I’ll pick just one story to tell you about. This isn’t intended to be a fully comprehensive roundup of every astronomy story. Just one interesting story each week, for free.

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Who am I?

A redwood tree which has a hole in the side up to about chest high, the trunk hollowed out. I'm standing inside the trunk, ducking down to look out at the camera.
Me exploring the redwoods of California

Hey there! My name is Adam. I’m an astronomer, and before that I made web sites for a living. I’m still finishing my PhD, in which I’ve been searching for black holes and variable stars with online citizen science projects.

I believe in a few things:

  • Science is a pretty great way to understand the Universe.

  • There is something interesting to learn about everything, if you try hard enough.

  • No-one really knows anything and that’s OK.

  • You can always fit one more thing in the dishwasher.

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